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The baking and snack industry has seen enormous disruption in recent years, from the swing toward gluten-free and natural to more indulgent products and back again. Trends in the industry seem to have stabilized to an extent, with various types of applications now presenting viable opportunities to brands. Far from shifting toward just one type of product, trends now proliferate and offer brands a variety of creative paths to take. Here are three current trends, along with three creative application concepts that showcase the possible directions for trends in baking and snack.

Trend: Sweet and Savory

With many consumers—especially younger ones—preferring a more complex flavor in sweet goods, combinations of sweetness and savory flavors are on the rise.

shortbread cookies

Application: Raspberry, Olive Oil, and Thyme Shortbread

A buttery shortbread including our raspberry nut-free Bits-O-Flavor nuggets, along with thyme and olive oil. For an additional crunch, this recipe could include a finely ground Nadanut inclusion—our pecan and walnut flavors could both make a great addition.

Trend: Sophisticated Nostalgia

Playful chefs like Christina Tosi, owner of Milk Bar, are highlighting fun and nostalgia in made-for-social-media treats full of color and whimsy.

neopolitan cookie

Application: Neapolitan Cookie

Top an oversized sugar cookie with our Bits-O-Flavor flakes in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry for a treat reminiscent of childhood bowls of ice cream.

Trend: Vegan Baking

Though the percentage of consumers who are strictly vegan remains small, many are willing to try out the lifestyle, at least for a short time, for its perceived health benefits and greater sustainability.

tangerine cupcakes

Application: Vegan Chocolate and Tangerine Cupcakes

Vegan cupcakes can be made using other emulsifiers (like applesauce or ground flax), and this decadent chocolate cupcake gets an additional culinary twist with a coating of our tangerine Bits-O-Flavor flakes, a vegan-friendly inclusion.

Whether you are looking to create a premium, culinary product or an item for a more widespread market, Inclusion Technologies offers nut-free inclusions to meet your requirements. Our developers can help you create a custom inclusion specifically designed to deliver the on-trend taste profiles you need. Reach out today to learn more.