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In an age when food allergies are steadily increasing, for people with allergies there is one silver lining: availability of allergen-free foods has increased, as has their quality. A generation ago, a person with even a relatively common allergy would be restricted to a small number of allergen-free products, some of questionable quality, or else would have to make their own food from often expensive and hard-to-find ingredients.

gluten free flours

Today, a wider range of allergen-free food products exists on the market, and steady attention and development have lead to greater sensory quality, even in products formulated to be free of foundational ingredients like nuts, eggs, or grains. In other words, allergen-free foods can now taste great.

Recent product launches for allergen-free foods include premium snack bars, oatmeal cups, pasta-based meal helpers, and cookies. Many of these applications would have had much poorer sensory quality in the past, before a growing market brought innovation to the segment, such as new forms of gluten-free flour made from ancient grains or increased supply of alternatives to peanuts and tree nuts.

allergy free baking

If your products can use an additional burst of flavor and visual appeal while preserving their allergen-free status, our Bits-O-Flavor® flakes offer a unique opportunity. In allergen-free Bits-O-Flavor® flakes, we combine our unique inclusion technologies with our expertise in flavor to meet exacting functionality and performance needs in allergen-free applications.

These customized flakes have been formulated without any of the eight major food allergens defined by the FDA—milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish, and shellfish—and are available in flavors including cinnamon, maple, lemon, bacon, blueberry, peach, banana, cherry, and more. Our skilled developers can also work with your team to create custom flavors and formats.

Coffee cake

Bits-O-Flavor® offer color and flavor for a variety of applications, including allergen-free snacks, baked goods, cereals, and candies. They can be used as a topping on finished products, or as internal inclusions for baked goods. As a topping, they offer a crunchy texture and targeted flavor, color, and aroma. As an inclusion, they melt to deliver a marbled appearance and distribution throughout the dough or food system.


If a delicious, allergen-free application is in the future of your brand, reach out to talk with one of our developers about how Bits-O-Flavor® can help you. Inclusion Technologies staff will also be available for consultation at the ASB BakingTech 2018 conference in February (booth 727) and the PMCA conference in April (booth 112)—we would love to see you there.