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ATCHISON, KANSAS (December 2014) – Inclusion Technologies LLC has just introduced a non-GMO version of their 100% nut-free Nadanut™ nut analogs. This new product line extension is based on stabilized wheat germ and expeller pressed oil with natural antioxidants and natural colors and flavors and will be available in a variety of sizes and shapes and nut varieties such as Almond, Pecan, Walnut, Hazelnut, and Peanut. Chris Jansen, President of Inclusion Technologies said “ this new product offering was developed to satisfy the growing demand in North America, but also for our potential EU, Asian, and Middle East customers”.

Nadanut™ applications are very diverse, essentially wherever real nuts are used. Dennis Reid, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development said “There are 2 billion pounds of nuts used as ingredients in the Industrial Marketplace. Nadanut products give the Industry a way to still enjoy the look, taste, and texture of real nuts, without the high cost or issues related to nut allergens; these products are 100% nut-free and less than half the cost of nuts.” The company will be showcasing this new Nadanut™ Non GMO line at the upcoming Natural Products West/Engredea trade show in Anaheim on March 6-8 in booth #8210.