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Nadanut logo

Nuts are a popular way to add distinctive flavor, eye appeal, and texture to a wide variety of foods. However, in the “age of allergenicity,” with a growing consumer focus on digestibility, and the rising cost of nuts, many formulators are now trying to avoid, replace, or extend nuts in applications where nuts are used without sacrificing the functionality. That’s where Nadanut® nut analogs, nut extenders, and nut replacers can offer a viable alternative to nuts, whether you’re looking to simply reduce costs or develop a new line of 100% nut-free products.”

In the nut-free ingredients marketplace, the Nadanut® platform is entirely unique—there’s simply not a nut-free equivalent to Nadanut®.

Nadanut® Flavors

The Nadanut® platform offers a unique base technology and can add value to your application through form and utility (coating, enrobing, and clustering). Nadanut® is 100% not a nut and is available in the following flavors:

Plain Nut

These flavors are currently available commercially. Many other flavors are possible and could be developed based upon each customers specific needs.

What Makes Nadanut® Unique

  • 100% Nut-Free
  • Wheat-Germ Based
  • No Trans Fats and PHO-Free
  • Good Source of Vitamin E
  • Complete Protein (all essential amino acids)
  • Easy Digestibility
  • More Economical Than Nuts
  • Various Shapes and Sizes
  • Consistent Availability
  • Longer Stability Than Nuts
  • Highly Crunchable
  • Incredibly Craveable
Preservative-free Nadanut® products can be used alone as nut replacers, or in combination with more expensive natural nuts to extend them and enhance the texture while keeping the costs to a minimum.
high moisture nadanut


Nadanut® products can be used to extend the “show” of real nuts by blending them in at anywhere from 5-25%. They also can be used at 100% replacement of real nuts when you want something that has the look, taste, and crunch of a nut without the nut-allergens, or the high cost of tree nuts.

For use as a topical ingredient for yogurts, cereals, oatmeal, or ice creams, Nadanut® products work great and are a unique and crunchy addition. You can add them just prior to enjoying these snacks and in these applications they will stay crunchy for over 30 minutes before starting to soften.

The Nadanut® products perform very much like ordinary nuts in a wide variety of applications. The one exception though is in recipes or applications that have a high level of moisture (free water) because the products are more porous than nuts and they will absorb the moisture and lose their crunch. Therefore, they are not recommended for use inside of higher moisture bakery items like muffins, quick breads, cakes, and cake-type brownies. We are actively working on some moisture barriers and coating agents that would deliver crunch in these high moisture systems, please ask us about your specific application needs.

Clean Labeled Next Generation

nadanut non GMO logo

Nadanut® Non-GMO is the next generation version of the legacy recipes that modernizes this unique technology platform. They have all natural type ingredients that the new generation of label-conscious consumers expect. Using more natural and non genetically modified (non-GMO) ingredients that have the same properties as their more processed counterparts, Nadanut Non-GMO definitely delivers!

nadanut pralines logo

Nadanut® Pralines are the newest addition to the line. These 100% nut-free panned items are specialty confectionery products that deliver the look, taste, and crunch of real pecan-based pralines without the nut allergens, high cost, or supply volatility. With the growing presence of bad weather in pecan growing regions, the pecan crops are often negatively impacted and supply shortages and high pricing follows; there is a high amount of supply volatility with this important nut crop. Nadanut® Pralines offer a stable price and assured supply because it does not rely on the pecan crop.

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