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Bit-O-Flavor logo

A Wide Variety of Customized Inclusions

Inclusion Technologies is proud to produce unique flavors that are as tasty as they are diverse! Bits-O-Flavor® are high-quality flavor inclusions available in various sizes and shapes and in several textures. These customized sensory delivery systems add appearance, color, flavor, texture, and even aroma to a wide range of finished applications. Some may even call this the “signature stamp” of a product! They are available in both traditional and value-added recipes. Best of all, all products made at Inclusion Technologies are certified 100% nut-free! Bits-O-Flavor® come in four distinct platform types: Nuggets, Flakes, Savory Bits, and Coated Sugars.


What are Bits-O-Flavor®?

Bits-O-Flavor® offer superior performance in such diverse applications as bagels, frozen waffles, pancakes, cereals, quick breads, muffin mixes, refrigerated dough products, nutritional bars, ice cream, frozen desserts, cookies, and candies. A variety of flavors are available, including cinnamon, vanilla, blueberry, apple, maple, strawberry, chocolate, cherry, caramel, and marshmallow. The flavors and colorants used can be either synthetic or natural and can be designed to form discrete color pockets in application or to “bleed” into the surrounding product. The textures can be designed to hold their shape in the finished product or to diminish in the final product if desired. Specific formulations and ingredients such as real fruit powder can be used to create a unique particulate for each application and customer.

Nuggets and Flakes

Bits-O-Flavor® exist in two different forms to better work into your recipe. Nuggets are extruded high-density particulates available in small, medium, large, and crescent shapes, as well as a wide variety of flavors and colors. These nuggets are typically used internally in products. When heat processed (baked, cooked, fried, etc.) they melt out and deliver the sensory attributes to the product, mostly forming delicious pockets of color, flavor, and texture depending mainly upon when and how they are added to the product. Flakes, on the other hand, are low-density inclusions built on a corn cereal backbone. They are irregular in size and shape, typically used topically or externally on finished products. They provide a nice crunchy texture while delivering the targeted flavor, color, and aroma to your product.

Try Out Our Flavors Today

We encourage you to try all our forms to see exactly how each one will work in your process and end-use applications. Bring us your next new product idea, and we will work with you to develop the most ideal Bits-O-Flavor® inclusion for your specific application, labeling, and nutritional requirements. Inclusion Technologies’ years of experience and technical expertise in formulating and manufacturing Bits-O-Flavor® products ensures precision customized development of the exact particulate to achieve the customer’s specified functionality and performance objectives.

Find Your Signature Stamp Today