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What Goes in Our Inclusions?

As a specialty food manufacturer focused on nut-free products, our success depends on our ingredient technology. Inclusion Technologies has spent over 40 years developing our natural, nut-free products with pinpoint accuracy. We know how severe nut allergies can be. Which is why we take every step seriously. As a finished food manufacturer, your success depends on ingredients that deliver on function, trend, and cost savings. You want only the best for your customers, which keeps them coming back for years. It’s all about natural, healthy, and delicious options today, so let’s create something tasty together. Call us to get started with a consultation.


Flavor Meets Function

We founded Inclusion Technologies for the sole purpose of creating an ingredient portfolio that delivers functionality, trend-setting flavors, and affordability. We offer functional properties like great taste, texture, aroma, and eye appeal to food producers. Our team set out to answer consumer demand for nut-free products and the ability to replace costly nuts or extend them in your formulation. Our inclusion platforms are diverse and completely nut-free solutions for both you and your customers. Learn about our unique products including Nadanut® nut extenders and replacers, Nadanut® pralines, and Bits-O-Flavor® nuggets, flakes, savory bits, and coated sugars.

Endless Opportunities for Delicious Flavors

Our product line includes both sweet and savory flavor profiles spanning from bacon to banana and from chorizo to chocolate. The inclusions we make can be used in baking, confectionaries, vegetarian meat alternatives, and much more. Whatever the application, if you want to add a bit of flavor, color, and texture, we have the solution for you. We want to help you add your signature flavor to your next product. Our team has over 40 years of experience helping food suppliers hit that perfect taste and soar onto success. Reach out to us for an unmatched flavor inclusion experience that’s 100% nut-free.

Find Your Signature Stamp Today