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holiday meal

The holidays can be a challenging time if you or members of your family have food allergies. Festive meals are less than pleasant if they are accompanied by the risk of an allergic reaction, or if you have to swear off participation altogether. With the rate of food allergies rising in the United States and other developed nations, it is important for anyone planning a gathering to recognize the risks faced by friends and family with food allergies and to plan accordingly.

It can be difficult to navigate holiday meals and food allergies. Limited availability of ingredients, varying tastes, and the desire for tradition can all make it difficult to identify appropriate, allergen-free recipes. Brands can support these consumers by providing ready-to-eat sides and desserts that serve consumers who require allergen-free holiday foods. For instance, both traditional ingredients and on-trend updates can be made nut-free to offer a great experience for consumers no matter their preferences. Here are a few ideas for allergen-free-friendly versions of traditional holiday dishes supported by nut-free and allergen-free ingredients from Inclusion Technologies.

Sweet and Salty Non-Pecan Pie

The classic pecan pie remains popular, but for consumers with a more culinary bent it can be overly sweet. To make the traditional pie more appealing to younger consumers and those with more sophisticated tastes, make a nut-free pecan pie using pecan-flavored Nadanuts®. Top with sea salt for an on-trend combination of sweet and salty, adding complexity to a traditional dessert.

non-pecan pie

Nut-free Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet potato casserole is a traditional dish at both Thanksgiving and Christmas, combining sweet potatoes with brown sugar, marshmallows, and often a topping of pecans. For an allergen-free version, Inclusion Technologies provides pecan-flavored Nadanut® ingredients that add a nut-like crunch and flavor to this classic dish. A fine grind size, equivalent to closely chopped nuts, can top frozen, ready-to-eat, or foodservice preparations for a delectable finishing touch. Inclusion Technologies also has allergen-free Bits-O-Flavor® in various flavors like cinnamon, maple brown sugar, caramel, and even marshmallow to add an extra crunchy twist of flavor and texture.

sweet potato casserole

Fruit and Nut-free Stuffing

Stuffing comes in virtually as many varieties as there are cooks, yet popular versions often use nuts, including walnuts, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, or chestnuts. In addition to being allergenic, these ingredients are quite costly. One delicious recipe for making a nut-free stuffing combines Nadanuts® with a selection of fruit: try apples, raisins, dried apricots, or even dried figs. Bourbon or sherry and fresh herbs should also be added to the product to promote a rich, complex flavor profile.

nut free stuffing

For the holidays and beyond, consider how you can give your customers options for an accessible gathering that respects everyone’s dietary needs. Inclusion Technologies is here to help with our allergen-friendly 100% nut-free inclusions, supporting prepared foods and foodservice providers with the same functionality as traditional nuts. Reach out today to open a conversation about how we can help your brand prepare for the holidays.