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vegan bacon bits

Inclusion Technologies has recently introduced a new line of savory inclusions under the Bits-O-Flavor®brand.  The first commercialized product is a vegan bacon bit formulated using a soy-based textured vegetable protein flake.  Dennis Reid, VP of Business Development, said “we developed this new product in response to demand and requests from several customers who had recently lost their incumbent supplier for their bacon bits, so we went to work and within 60 days we had formulated and commercialized an alternative for them.”  This product can be used as a topical for salads, soups, and baked potatoes and other prepared foods, as well as an internal inclusion in products like quiches, specialty chocolates, processed meats, breakfast burritos, and even veggie burgers.

With the growing focus on vegetable proteins, this new kosher certified product line is very timely and will be expanded to offer other flavors potentially including sun dried tomato, chorizo, teriyaki beef, and any other savory flavors that customers desire.  Mr. Reid went on to say, “This is a whole new technology platform for our inclusion business and it complements the other sweet-type inclusions that we offer with some pure savory offerings.”