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Inclusion Technologies building

ATCHISON, KANSAS (July 2014) – Inclusion Technologies LLC has just announced the purchase of the assets of the former AnaCon Foods Company. Included in the asset purchase is the 30,000 sq. foot manufacturing facility in Atchison Kansas where the new business will be headquartered. Christopher Jansen, President of Inclusion Technologies said “we are very excited to acquire these unique and proprietary assets which we will modernize and reposition under our new ownership and direction. The plant, processes, and diverse product technologies offer our new business a very strong platform to build a larger, more diversified inclusion business upon.” Inclusion Technologies expects to be able to re-enter the industrial ingredient market in Late Summer 2014 with a full line of specialty inclusions including NadaNut™, their very unique line of 100% nut-free nut extenders and replacers as well as a range of customized bits and clusters. Planned future capabilities include coating, panning, enrobing, and additional clustering capabilities, all in a 100% guaranteed nut-free facility.

For more information on Inclusion Technologies, please contact us at 913-370-8070 or email us at