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ATCHISON, KANSAS (May 26, 2017) – For the third consecutive year, Inclusion Technologies LLC, a leading manufacturer of specialty inclusions and nut extenders/replacers, has achieved SQF Level 3 certification with an audit rating of “Excellent” as determined by NSF Food Safety Certification, LLC. SQFI is a globally trusted, recognized, and accepted food safety and quality program and Level 3 is the most stringent and highest level certification awarded.

“Inclusion Technologies places a high priority on the quality and safety of our products,” said Greg Anderson, Director Quality Assurance. “The consistently high marks presented by NSF to Inclusion Technologies demonstrates the total commitment to excellence by the entire production team. The foundation of the Food safety and food quality programs rests with the individuals that create our products.”

For more information on Inclusion Technologies, please contact us at 913-370-8070, email us at You can also read more about our company at