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Versatile Usage and Functionalities

Our inclusions, due to their versatility and functional performance, are used as nut replacements, nut extenders, and sensory analogs in every application where fruit and fruit-based or sweet type ingredients, savory particulates, or nuts and nut based ingredients are used. Nadanut® and Bits-O-Flavor® can be found in finished foods across the market, from bars and baked goods to pancakes, cookies, candies, and cake mixes. Whether you’re looking to add fun to frozen waffles or crunch to ice cream treats, we can develop an inclusion to meet your formulation and cost requirements.

Inclusion Technologies can be your development partners, working collaboratively with your team to develop a custom inclusion to meet your specific process and end application needs. We are focused on superior customer responsiveness and can help take your new inclusion from bench to commercialization much faster than other larger inclusion manufacturers. What’s more is that we have some of the lowest minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) in the Industry due to our flexible scale and continuous batch processing. What this means is that we can help support your scale-up needs for limited quantity sales samples, test market products, or even limited time offer (LTO’s) which do not have large volumes associated with them. Why not include us in your next new product innovation?

chocolate bark

100% Nut-Free Inclusions

Used in both branded retail products and foodservice, each of our ingredient platforms delivers functional performance that meet the most stringent formulation demands. More importantly, our 100% nut-free inclusions deliver taste profiles that satisfy consumer demand and keep products on-trend.

We now have small unit packaging capabilities to support the unique needs and requirements of our food service customers who require smaller units for their retail outlets and stores. As more consumers seek nut-free solutions, having a dedicated 100% nut-free facility with proper assurances and certifications can give you the confidence that your finished products will not have any cross contamination nut allergen concerns.

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Pet Food Inclusions

The $25 Billion Pet Food Industry continues to evolve and in many ways mirror the human food market with regards to variety and innovation for our pets. That makes sense since these pets are treated like family by their owners, who are making similar purchase decisions for the pets as they are for themselves. With this, things like variety, flavor, texture, appearance, health profile, and labeling are all becoming more important aspects when formulating new enhanced “premium” positioned pet products. Inclusions allow for more easy variety in pet food formulations. They are customized delivery systems that add eye appeal, taste, aroma, and texture to pet foods…..essentially touching all of the senses of our pets (and owners as well)!

Unique Alternatives for Your Pet

Inclusion Technologies offer several different inclusion technology platforms for pet food formulators to consider: Nadanut® products are very unique extruded nut alternatives that deliver the look, taste, and texture of tree nuts without the high cost and supply volatility. They are also easier for pets to eat and digest and are safer from a spoilage perspective and with much longer shelf-life properties. Why go nuts when you can use Nadanuts®? For birds or small mammal products that include nuts, we have confirmation that these animals prefer Nadanut® and you will too because they can help lower your overall cost AND extend the shelf-life of your finished products using them.

Bits-O-Flavor® products are available in several formats: extruded nuggets and flakes and savory bits. These delivery systems are available in many different sizes, shapes, flavors, and colors to help add a “signature stamp” to your pet food product. Let us know what your application requirements are and we can work with you to develop a customized delivery system that meets your specific needs.

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