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What Are Food Inclusions?

Try a Google search, and you will not find much on this specialty food ingredient category…. even in Wikipedia there is no mention of a food inclusion.

The Free Dictionary defines it as:  inclusion [ɪnˈkluːʒən] noun

1. the act of including or the state of being included
2. something included

So, here is how we would define a food inclusion for our purposes:

A formulated and processed food ingredient available in a smaller format that is included in a finished food product (either topically or internally) to deliver multiple functional properties including taste, texture, aroma and eye appeal with both convenience and consistency.

Food Inclusions Market (2018)

  • Inclusions & Topicals Market – $10.74 B global business – value-added, technology driven segment with customized delivery systems.
  • Expected to be $15.78 B by 2023 with 8.0% CAGR between 2018-2023
  • Both retail and foodservice market opportunities
  • Driven by functional properties, taste and texture trends, and the responsive development of new flavor profiles, including clean labels
  • Bakery products will lead the growth
  • Growing consumer willingness to spend higher and try different variants in bakery products will drive the consumption of inclusions in this market
  • Asia Pacific region is projected to be the fastest growing in the food inclusions market for bakery products
  • The fruit and nut segment is projected to be the fastest growing inclusions

Source Research and Markets – Food Inclusions Market (2018) Report.

Wide Variety of Nut-Free Products

We have many different options available to meet your specific labeling and functionality needs. With the lowest minimum order quantities for customizing products in the industry and our speedy responsiveness, we are your best choice supplier for a development partner. Our 40 years of inclusion experience and our unique product line come together to provide you with a 100% nut-free product. Throughout the years, we’ve been able to master our process technology to work for you. Our products are exclusively created in our Safe Quality Food Program (SQF)-certified food facility in the heartland of American – Atchison, KS.

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