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The History of Inclusion Technologies

With intimate knowledge and experience of the unique inclusion space and the growth dynamic present, our ownership team at Inclusion Technologies went shopping for a business platform to build an inclusion business upon. After years of searching and numerous discussions, they finally found it with AnaCon Foods and purchased their unique assets. These included the former Pillsbury facility including a fully equipped test kitchen, unique processes and products, and over 40 years of accumulated experience in the inclusion and salty snack markets. Since then, we have modernized the facility, refurbished it to meet modern day safety and quality standards, added more expertise and processing capabilities, and built the business around our unique business platform. Today, after several sales cycles, we have a solid reputation for supporting innovation, superior customer service and responsiveness, and there is a plentiful pipeline of new opportunities with our valued customers and new prospective ones. So, why don’t you give us a call and help us to develop your next inclusion delivery system for your new product innovations?

Inclusion Technologies building

Modernizing and Revolutionizing the Industry

After purchasing the assets of AnaCon Foods, we now own this unique and innovative facility, designed by Pillsbury from the ground up to produce nut-free products. The facility was later owned by Lipton before being acquired by AnaCon. We recently completed the work of modernizing and updating the plant and technologies to continue the legacy of providing nut-free alternatives to a marketplace that desires them now more than ever. It was a very busy first year after buying the assets, but we accomplished quite a bit to be able to supply customers with quality nut-free products again.

scoops of nadanuts

New and Exciting Flavors and Textures

The rest is history. We’ve been proudly producing nut-free sweet and savory food inclusions for companies to develop their signature stamp. When you schedule a consultation with our team, we’ll help you dial in your desired flavor, texture, smell, and appearance. If you’re not finding what you’re looking for in our catalog of flavors, let’s work together to design a new one! Whether you’re a sweet or savory product, we’ll find inclusions to make your product pop. Take some time to review our Ingredient Platforms and get an idea of what type of product you’d like to create. After that, give us a call for a free sample and quote. Because there are endless opportunities for improvement and flavor, we’ve created a wide variety of styles to match whatever you need.

Selecting the Perfect Inclusion Format

We typically urge our customers to try all forms of Bits-O-Flavor® and Nadanut® to see exactly how each one works in their specific application and process, to determine what the best inclusion format would be for them. We have a list of standard commercial items of various sizes, shapes, and colors that were made in the plant and are in stock and available for samples. We can also make both flakes and nuggets in the test kitchen too, so customized flavors and colors not currently on the commercial listing are available upon request. Bring us your big ideas for your next project, and we’ll collaborate!

Find Your Signature Stamp Today