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Customized Inclusion Delivery Systems

Our dedicated nut-free facility in Atchison Kansas has been completely renovated and modernized ad has been SQF certified since 2015. All of our products are lot-tested by an outside-certified testing facility to ensure microbiological safety and performance to specifications. We’ve taken great measures to establish business systems and plant controls to ensure our partners and customers receive a consistent output of nut-free inclusions including nuggets, flakes, bits, particulates, clusters, and nut replacers and extenders. We’re proud of our role as a partner to food companies who are seeking creative, cost-effective, customized, nut-free solutions to meet their formulation needs.


Cutting Edge Technology and Nut-Free Nutrition

Whether you’re looking for a value-added nut extender or a boutique line of customized Klusters, we have the technology and the expertise to add a signature stamp to your product and finish your application. If you’re looking to develop an entirely new or proprietary flavor particulate, we can work with you to develop a solution in our prototype lab. Currently, we’re providing our inclusion technologies in bulk packaging to the foodservice industry and other industrial customers. Join our list of satisfied customers by getting in touch with us today!

New and Groundbreaking Developments

In the coming months, we’ll be adding coating, enrobing, and expanded clustering capabilities, making us a one-stop partner for a complete range of nut-free food ingredients. If you’re looking to create an entirely new and unique 100% nut-free platform, or if you’re interested in how our inclusion technologies can improve your bottom line, give us a call.

Not Just for Flavor Inclusions

Inclusion Technologies isn’t only invested in cutting edge inclusions with delicious flavors. We also own Wheat Nuts® and Bowlby’s Bits®, two highly successful, crave-able, nostalgic products, and welcome inquiries from potential partners looking to distribute those products through retail channels. For more information on our capabilities or a retail partnership, call or contact us today! If you want to buy some of these innovative delicious retail ready-to-eat (RTE) salty snacks to try for yourself, check out our retail site at or purchase them online through Amazon.

Find Your Signature Stamp Today