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In the nut-free ingredients marketplace, the Nadanut® platform is entirely unique—there’s simply not a nut-free equivalent to Nadanut®.

  • 100% Nut-Free

  • Wheat-Germ Based

  • No Trans Fats and PHO-Free

  • Low-Carb

  • Good Source of Vitamin E

  • Complete Protein

  • Easy Digestibility

  • More Economical Than Nuts

  • Various Grind Sizes

  • Consistent Availability

  • Formulation-Friendly

  • Longer Stability Than Nuts

  • Highly Crunchable

  • Incredibly Craveable

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The Nadanut® platform offers a unique base technology and can add value to your application through form and utility (coating, enrobing, and clustering). Nadanut® is 100% not a nut and is available in the following flavors:





Preservative-free Nadanut® products can be used alone as nut replacers, or in combination with more expensive natural nuts to extend them and enhance the texture while keeping the costs to a minimum.

High Moisture Applications

Nadanut® and Wheat Nuts® now available for inclusion in higher moisture applications.

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Non-GMO Nadanut® delivers the same nutty flavor and texture of our traditional offering in a sustainable format that’s ideal for clean-labeled finished applications.

Click here to download our sales literature