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As important to us as our nut-free status is our role as partner to finished food companies seeking creative, cost-effective solutions to formulation needs.

Whether you’re looking for a value-added nut extender or a boutique line of customized Klusters, we have the technology and the expertise to add a signature stamp to your product and finish your application. Or if you’re looking to develop an entirely new or proprietary flavor particulate, we can work with you to develop a solution in our prototype lab.

Currently, we’re providing our inclusion technologies in bulk packaging to the foodservice industry and other industrial customers.

In the coming months, we’ll be adding coating and enrobing and expanded clustering capabilities, making us a one-stop partner for a complete range of nut-free food ingredients. If you’re looking to create an entirely new and unique 100% nut-free platform, or if you’re interested in how our inclusion technologies can improve your bottom line, give us a call today.

We also own Wheat Nuts® and Bowlby’s Bits®, two highly successful, craveable, nostalgic products, and welcome inquiries from potential partners looking to distribute those products through retail channels.

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