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Snacking frequency has risen dramatically over the last decade and shows no sign of slowing down; the more on-the-go we are as a culture, the more on-the-go our eating becomes.

We love to indulge, but we do so with an overarching concern for portion control and just enough nutrition to justify the indulgence.

We’re more savvy about what goes into our foods, not just for personal nutrition reasons but because we live in an “age of allergenicity” and we want to know what goes into our food before we bring it into our homes.

Our inclusions are designed to answer all those consumer concerns while meeting the needs of formulators. 100% nut-free and wheat-germ based, our NadaNut® and Bits-O-Flavor® offer nut-free nutrition to finished foods while providing a cost-effective solutions to expensive nuts and other flavor particulates. Click below to learn more about the benefits of going nut-free and formulating with wheat germ!

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