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But we’re more than those ingredients, of course; we, ourselves, are the product of three ingredients: a cultural condition, a conviction, and a unique business platform.

The Cultural Condition

We live in the “age of allergenicity.” It’s impossible to quantify the impact of food allergies, but what’s certain is that the rate of nut allergies is increasing, not only in America but also globally. In the US, nut allergies are the #1 cause of foodborne death, and undeclared allergens are the leading cause of recalls, costing the food industry significant money. These issues and challenges will increase as the overall rate of incidence grows and the rate of adult disappearance of these allergies remains low.

The Conviction

We wanted to contribute to a better life for all who have to deal with nut allergies, from children to adults to the schools, restaurants, and markets in their communities. There was never a question that the best way for us to contribute was with our ingredient technologies, which provide finished food manufacturers with certified nut-free ingredients that make it possible to enjoy the benefits of nuts without the allergen concerns.

The Unique Business Platform

After two years of research dedicated to locating the right acquisition for our inclusion technology, we found it in Atchison, Kansas, with AnaCon Foods. AnaCon’s unique technology, based on stabilized wheat germ, was well ahead of its time and resulted in several nostalgic and successful products, including Wheat Nuts® and Bowlby’s Bits®.

Having purchased the assets of AnaCon Foods, we now own this unique and innovative facility, designed by Pillsbury from the ground up to produce nut-free products (the facility was later owned by Lipton before being acquired by AnaCon). We recently completed the work of modernizing and updating the plant and technologies to continue the legacy of providing nut-free alternatives to a marketplace that desires them now more than ever.

A Way Forward

With the rates of nut allergies on the rise, along with the increasing cost of nuts, we’ve positioned ourselves as a forward-looking partner to finished food manufacturers looking to meet consumer demand with innovative ingredients while lowering production costs.

SQF Level 3 Certified Facility